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About me

I come from a long line of women who cooked. My Mother has four older sisters who all baked and I also have vivid memories of my Grandmother being in the kitchen a lot making scones and cakes and everything else.

My love of baking started to really pick up during high school.  I took home ec. classes and won the cake decorating competition.  I still have the book I won!  I trained under Marie Grainger at the Newcastle School of Cake Decorating and owned a small cafe for a couple of years before coming to live in the US.  Long Nebraska winters are cold enough to make anyone turn to baking for the sheer warmth.  My family have also enjoyed the many cakes and cookies I am known to turn out.

Now is the time to turn once again to baking.  It has been quite some time since I was producing food commercially so I decided to return to culinary school this year to refresh and improve my knowledge of the baking process.   I do intend to create another business where I can share my love of all things sweet.  Cakes, cookies, chocolates and anything else.  Serving up the sweeter side of life!

Thank you for visiting, I am always happy to hear from you with questions or comments.