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Things have been quiet here on the baking front during the month of April due to the fact that we have been in the process of moving house.  Because it was only a 5 mile move we decided to do it ourselves.. oh was that ever a big mistake.  My husband and I are retired Military so are used to having the movers come in and take it all for us.  Needless to say we are all exhausted, bruised and battered.  We had some great help with family members though and we will have to throw a huge housewarming party to say thank you!


Original image by Gehrke
I grew up within 2 minutes walk of the Pacific ocean and some of Australia’s best beaches so being landlocked here in the US has been tough.

Finally, I have a big pool and am looking forward to swimming this summer.  Now all we need to do is get the toads out of it and get it cleaned up and we can let the partying begin!

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One of my husband’s coworkers loves strawberries apparently and tomorrow is her birthday. So I’m making a cake so filled with strawberries it’ll blow her mind!

Strawberry cake with a strawberry simple syrup infused with mascerated strawberries between the layers. Then I made an italian buttercream for the filling and crumbcoat. I then topped it with a strawberry cream cheese buttercream, a clear strawberry sauce I made, fresh sliced and chocolate dipped strawberries.
Do you think she’ll get her fill of strawberry?? 😉
The frill around the sides is done with a St. Honore’ tip… I need to work on my continuity but I hadn’t used that tip before is my excuse! 😉
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