Passion, what’s yours?

by Coco | January 8, 2009 7:14 am

“Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.”
~Denis Diderot

Passion can be defined as a strong feeling or emotion. Passion makes your heart sing, your spirit soar and your life rich. My friend Debra was recently discussing passion and it made me want to give more thought to the word.

I have quite a few areas I think I’m passionate about. My artwork, my daughters of course, but then there is my baking passion. This was evident way back in high school home economics classes in Australia. That class each week was something I truly looked forward to. In my final year we were to decorate a Christmas cake we had baked. I won that year and still have the decorating book which was given as first prize. Australian Womens Weekly Complete Book of Cake Decorating

As an adult I have pursued my love of baking and owned my own cake shop and small restaurant.  I’ve taken many decorating classes and been to culinary school.   Family and friends have always enjoyed my sweet treats and now I am in the process of putting together another baking business. No matter what else I’ve become involved in, I’ve always had a passion to bake. Like many, I worry about putting enough money away for retirement and investing, and so have sought other occupations which I hoped might be more lucrative.

While I’ve always enjoyed a modicum of success at most things I’ve turned my hand to, there was quite often something missing. I believe it was passion. Sure, we can all adjust our attitude enough to enjoy what we are doing at the time, but truly enjoying what we do and having a reason to bound out of bed each day ready for whatever that day brings is such a great feeling!

So with a healthy amount of trepidation, I will build this cake business during 2009. Those other jobs I’ve had in the past 20 or so years since my last cake business have only prepared me to succeed. I’ve worked in state government, business, web development and real estate, all of which have given me a better understanding of the business side of making cakes and marketing them.  No longer do I dread heading to the office, meeting with people I’d rather not and repeating that pattern day in, day out.  No, I’m going to be meeting with BRIDES and their mothers!  But that my friends is a story for another day…

Whatever your passion, find a way to incorporate it into your life on a daily or weekly basis.  You will feel so much happier.  Enjoy!

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