Worth a second slice, (or two)

by Coco | January 10, 2009 8:05 pm

I make a LOT of cakes but don’t often feel like eating them once they are done. Of course this makes for very grateful neighbors and friends. This week I made a cake I was NOT willing to share with many!! Oh my goodness. This light sponge with a lemon curd and chantilly cream filling dotted with fresh raspberries was just out of this world. It reminded me of a warm spring day, fresh, light but slightly flirtatious. Like my favourite chiffon floral skirt, so pretty and when it lightly touches the skin it brings a smile to your face.

lemon curd raspberry cream cake



Genoise Cake

Simple Syrup

Lemon Curd

Creme Chantilly

Fresh Raspberries (or blueberries if you prefer)

Powdered Sugar




7 1/8 oz Eggs

4 oz Granulated Sugar

1/2 oz Corn Syrup or similar

3 1/2 oz Pastry (Patent) flour

7/8 oz Potato Starch

3/8 oz Melted Butter (I have left this out without any adverse effects)


1.  Sift together the potato starch and pastry flour, and reserve.

2.  Whip the eggs, sugar and corn starch to ribbon stage.

3.  Fold in the sifted pastry flour and potato starch.

4.  Fold in the melted butter (or not).

5.  Pour into 8inch, ungreased but bottom papered cake pan.

6.  Bake at 335F (169C) in a convection oven for 25 minutes approx.

7.  Once baked, remove from pans onto wire rack only when completely cooled.




13 1/4oz Sugar

6 1/2 oz Egg yolks

6 1/2 oz Lemon juice

1/2 oz Lemon zest

5 1/4 oz Butter


1.  combine the sugar, yolks, lemon juics and lemon zest in a stainless steel bowl and place over a double boiler or large saucepan.  Stir occasionally.

2.  Once done, the mixture will be thick like ketchup.

3.  Remove from the heat, strain into a clean container and add the butter at 90F (25C) with an immersion blender (wand).

4.  Cover with plastic wrap pushed to the surface of the curd.  Reserve in the refrigerator.


Simple Syrup (Cake Syrup)

Ratio: 2:1


16 oz Sugar

8 oz Water


Place water and sugar into saucepan and bring to a boil.  Remove from heat and allow to cool before adding flavourings.


Creme Chantilly (Make this Last)


18 oz Heavy Cream

3 1/2 oz Powdered Sugar


Using a mixer with a whip attachment, whip the cream and sugar until desired thick but do not overbeat.



1.  Split the genoise into three layers.

2.  Place the bottom layer on a 9 inch (23cm) cake board.

3.  Apply a light layer of cake syrup to the cake with a pastry brush.

4.  Next, apply a thin layer of lemon curd with a small spatula.

5.  Spread a layer of Chantilly cream over the curd layer 1/4 inch (0.5cm) thick and press raspberries into the cream.

6.  Repeat the process on the next layer and then place the top layer.

7.  Mask (crumb coat) the cake with a thin layer of Chantilly, and reserve the cake in the freezer until ready to finish.

8.  To finish, transfer the cake to a final board or cake plate, ice the cake with a 1/4 inch (0.5cm) layer of Chantilly and place in the freezer for 30 mins.

9.  Apply a layer of curd on the top of the cake, leaving about a 1/2 inch border (1cm) from the edge.

10.  Dust about 8-12 fresh raspberries with powdered sugar and place them around the top of the border of curd.  Decorate further with Chantilly how you desire.

11.  Store under refrigeration.


Source: Wayne Gisslen’s Professional Baking (2004).

Source URL: https://cakeartisan.com/2009/01/worth-a-second-slice-or-two/